How to introduce the price of your product or service so prospects don’t run away

You almost finished your sales page and you are very proud of how it’s turning out.

You’ve got that perfect product description and you’re ready to sell like hotcakes.

But now it’s time to introduce the price in the copy and you are stuck.

You haven’t added it yet and already feel you’ve grown scary fangs.

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one.

It was the same for me at the beginning, as it’s for most people.

You want the price to reflect all the value of your product or service but you’re always afraid prospects will consider it too expensive.

Luckily, in copywriting there are some techniques to avoid sounding like an unscrupulous salesman and, above all, to make people feel they’re getting great value for a more than reasonable price.

Shall we see them?

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Sell something that people want and don’t need

Very rarely do we buy things we genuinely need.

Most of the time we buy a product or hire a service because we just want it.

It’s much easier to sell something people want than something they need.

People should feel they’re free to choose whether they want to buy it or not. They shouldn’t feel we’re pushing our product or service down their throats.

The difference between selling something they need and something they want is both simple and complex at the same time.

Or rather, you need to do both.

Let me explain.

You have to:

First > Embellish your product, so people want it.

Second > Justify their purchase, so people believe they need it.

If you can convince them they want it, and then that they need it, you’ve got it.

And how do we get them to want it?

If you’ve written a great headline, followed it up with a compelling lead, conveyed all the benefits of your product, added powerful testimonials and justified the purchase with features and authority, you should have already put a very clear picture in your prospects’ mind of what your product or service will do for them.

You’d have achieved for them not to consider the price an issue, and that everything revolves around the value.

Sure, in an ideal world!

But the truth is that when it comes time for our prospects to get their credit cards out, they can’t help but worry about the price again and question whether they can afford it.

That’s why you need to present the price of your product or service in a way that makes it look like a bargain compared to the amazing value prospects will get.

And how do we achieve this?

There are several ways. Let’s look at the main ones.

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Introduce your product or service immediately after a more expensive one.

It’s psychological.

When you introduce an expensive product your prospect is already mentally prepared for what’s coming because they start to understand what kind of business they’re in – physically or virtually-.

If you’ve been to London you’ve probably visited Harrods, the luxurious department store.

You’re well aware that everything costs an arm and a leg there.

So you’re wandering through 500 pounds table linens and suddenly you notice a lovely, very British mug with little painted flowers and you see that it’s on sale for £19.99 which in Euros is about 24 €.

And you run to the cashier and buy it.

A 24 euro mug that you would never have bought if you had seen it at Zara Home!

But being in Harrods and seeing super expensive products made you consider that mug a bargain.

In your business, you can use a similar technique but without having to set exorbitant prices only for millionaires.

It’s about putting one of your most expensive products or a Special service and then the product or service you really want to sell.

When your prospect sees the product or service considerably cheaper than the previous one will think it’s a bargain and will be more willing to buy it.

Have you seen this technique with the label saying “most popular”?

It’s always the plan or package with a price in the middle, neither the most expensive nor the cheapest.

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How to introduce the price of your product or service so prospects don’t run away #copywriting #salespages #webcopy #ads #SmallBiz #marketing Share on X

Introduce the price in a smaller unit

This technique works very well for memberships.

Instead of introducing the price per month or per year, do it as a price per day, so it´ll make it seem much more affordable.

As, for example, some services and software do:

How to introduce the price of a product o service

Note how they highlight the membership they are interested in selling, which is the Standard Edition.

Compare the price with an unnecessary but common product or service.

I’m sure you’ve seen this technique somewhere before:

“For the price of a latte”.

“For the price of a jumper that will become just another piece of clothing in your wardrobe”.

When your prospects put these things into perspective, they realise that their money could be better spent buying your product or service.

But be careful, you should compare it to something that isn’t an absolute necessity.

For example, don’t compare it to the cost of a loaf of bread because bread is considered necessary.

Or with something unusual that your prospect would never think of buying, such as “for the price of a pair of VR goggles” because they won’t feel related.

Add extras or bonuses

Sometimes adding a few bonuses, if it’s a digital product such as a course or an e-book, or small accessories or surprises, if it’s a physical product, helps to increase the perception of value and therefore the price seems more than justified.

An extra can be a webinar, a manual, lipstick, a sticker, etc.

They don’t necessarily need to be expensive things but knowing that these extras are free will encourage the purchase.

Because there’s nothing more magical than the word FREE.

It also helps to add the price of that free extra to give it even more value, and to present your digital product with an image that looks like something material as Udemy here:

How to introduce the price of your product or service

Offer payment facilities

When your product involves a significant sum, think of all those prospects who are willing to buy but cannot afford it.

But what if they could pay for it in several instalments?

Then they will be happy to buy.

Think about it, it may be the solution to increase your sales.

How to introduce the price of your product or service

Add the price in a smaller font

Some studies have found that adding the price in a smaller font size helps to create the perception that the price is not so high.

Psychologically, we are used to perceiving big things as big.

So a small price has to be small too.

Take the focus off the price.

Besides writing it in a smaller font, don’t emphasise it with flashy colours.

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Explain clearly what prospects need to do to buy

Your prospects are on a thousand things at once.

She is reading your sales page or ad, but she is also making sure the tomato sauce in the saucepan doesn’t get burnt, that her toddler doesn’t eat a cat’s hairball and thinking she needs to call her mum with whom she hasn’t spoken in days.

So don’t be afraid to state the obvious when you add your Call-to-Action buttons and when you explain how to pay.

Tell your prospect exactly what to do, how to do it and that you want them to do it right now.

When your prospect is about to take an action that will cost them money, time and effort, this level of detail gives them certainty and comfort about what to do next and what to expect.

“Click here to add it to your cart.

After you make the payment you’ll receive an email of confirmation. A day later you’ll receive another email with your tracking number so you can track your package.”

Having a good knowledge of UX copywriting will help you write all the messages your prospects need to read to understand what they need to do next.

If you want your reader to take action, use specific language with clear and concrete details.

Leave no doubt about what you want to happen. And don’t be afraid to be “too obvious”.

Remember, your prospects aren’t stupid, it’s just that they aren’t giving their full attention to your sales page or ad.

How to introduce the price of your product or service so prospects don’t run away #copywriting #salespages #webcopy #ads #SmallBiz #marketing Share on X

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