The Expat Copywriter


If you have a business and you want to sell more to international customers, you are in the right place.
I have travelled to 41 countries (and more to come for sure!) and lived in 4 of them during different periods of my life.
My travels and experiences around the world have taught me many things in terms of personal and professional growth.
In the professional, I stuck with this: it doesn’t matter which country the customers are from, they all want the same thing.

That the product or service they buy provides them with a better version of themselves.

As simple as this.
But to be able to transmit to your ideal customer the way in which their life will improve with your product or service you have to use the right words.

Selling is persuading

Throughout my professional career I attended numerous meetings with customers from different countries where I had to reach important agreements. In order to do this you have to convince, and in order to convince you need to express very well how your offer is going to benefit the customer. Through this experience, I have developed a strategic mind capable of thinking ahead about potential objections from customers.
Copywriting is selling and selling is about taking away customer objections to buying from you.
Now you’ll be thinking, that’s wonderful, but why should I care?
Because I want to show you that copywriting can help you increase your sales and, that it´s more within your grasp than you think.

How I arrived here

As soon as I finished my bachelor degree in Human Resources Management in Madrid I went away to see the real world.


I lived in the UK, France and Holland where I’ve finally stayed. For the moment 🙂

I have worked as a thousand things: waitress, babysitter, sales and legal assistant, I’ve even been a broker.


I worked for 8 years in an American multinational where I was an Operations Manager. I traveled a lot and had a lot of responsibility. I loved my work but something was missing: to dedicate myself to what I do best; writing.


In the last 5 years I’ve been following several trainings about content marketing until I finally decided to get fully involved in this sector and completed a masters at AWAI (American Writers and Artists), one of the best copywriting schools worldwide.
I have never stopped learning, I’m constantly doing courses and learning from the best copywriters in the US.

With this work I’ve managed to mix my two passions: writing and helping people succeed in what they love. For me there is nothing so comforting as collaborating to make a project a successful reality. Especially when the project comes from deep inside oneself

Bernardita Aguirre
Bernardita AguirrePhotographer

I hired Elena because I was told that to solve my problem I needed a copywriter. I had many visits to my website but very few sales. I really liked Elena's commitment from the first moment, she watched all the tutorials, wrote clear and compelling texts and also gave me tips to optimize the conversion, and for all that I think the result is so good. The first day I uploaded her texts I sold 8 tutorials, and best of all, people no longer contact me asking questions, they are all resolved in the text. Very recommendable for all those businesses that want to convert more visits into sales.

Séverine Baud
Séverine BaudOwner TourF

I hired Elena to do the copywriting for my tourism website in Spanish and English, the communication was very good, she had sent me a provisional calendar and finished everything before despite having a lot of work so I am very happy with her work. In addition to her copywriting work she gave me several SEO tips to improve my website and help me to be found on google searches.
I'm already starting to see the results, more people visit my page and convert.

So I recommend her !

My ideal client

I want to work with you if:

  You really believe in your project and want to make it a success
  You like what you do and you don’t only do it for money
  You value quality work


If you meet these three conditions, keep reading, I will tell you a little more about myself so we can get to know each other

Who is Elena de Francisco?

Little Miss Sunshine

I was a model kid: Unbelievable but true. I made several ads on TV and children’s fashion photoshoots. My mother hoped for me to be the next Kate Winslet, but I retired at age 10. I felt like Little Miss Sunshine among so many Little Miss Universe


Book lover: As a child I liked reading so much that I would even read the books teachers assigned to my sister at school to write a summary for her afterwards. One of them was The Catcher in the Rye, which I read when I was 12 and will always be one of my favorites


My childhood idol was Madonna: I wanted to be like her and spent many afternoons singing and dancing to her songs


A vocational writer: I’ve started 4 novels in my life and recently finished one. I don’t know if I’ll ever publish it, but my greatest achievement is having finished it


La Bohème: I lived in an attic in Paris where I tried to live only on my writing following the steps of some of my favorite writers. Soon after reality slapped me in the face and that’s how my bohemian dreams ended


#I Travel alone: ​​ I went on my first solo trip of many when I was 22 through northern Europe. I really enjoy travelling with my partner and my sister, but from time to time I need to travel alone with my backpack


My other great passion, Indie films: I go to the cinema very often alone because sometimes my taste can be unbearable for my people

This is what I can do for you

Attract more international visits to your website

With interesting and useful posts, written in a simple and clear English, including the essential keywords to be found on search engines

Convert more visits into customers

With texts which will talk directly to your ideal customer and will go to the root of their searches so they choose the solution you propose

Make customers choose you all over again

With stimulating emails that are not only informative, with which your mailing list will be up to date of your irresistible promotions

Let’s talk, no strings attached

I want to help you selling more to international customers. Contact me today and we will schedule a 30 minute session where I’ll give you my professional advice totally free on how you can improve the texts of your website.