I’m Elena and I love to smash zombie copy

The Zombie Copy Slayer

I hate zombie copy!

I’m talking about those pieces of copy staggering around the internet.

You quickly recognise them because they don’t provoke any emotion, they’re dead and eat businesses alive.

They’re very dangerous and make you lose sales!

I’m their number one enemy and together with my allies, the Slay-Words, we smash them.

 And in their place, we leave enticing copy, full of life. Copy that makes lots of friends, but above all…

Lots of money.

"I sold 8 tutorials the first day I uploaded Elena's copy"

I was told that to solve my problem I needed a copywriter. I had a lot of traffic from Instagram to my website but very few sales. I really liked Elena’s commitment from the first moment, she watched all the tutorials, wrote clear and compelling copy and also gave me tips to optimize the conversion, and for all that I think the result is so good. The first day I uploaded her copy I sold 8 courses! Very recommendable for all those businesses that want to convert more leads into sales.

Bernardita Aguirre, Photographer, bernarditaaguirre.com

"Elena knew how to express the uniqueness of my business"

I hired Elena to write the copy for my new website. I wanted to express, without using too many words, the way in which the services we offer are unique in the Netherlands and how clients will see a difference after working with us. Elena knew how to express the uniqueness of my business so I’m really happy with the results. She also writes great posts for my blog, it’s amazing how well she always finds something interesting to talk about and the ease with which she conducts an interview. I would certainly recommend her.

Dave Sharman, Owner of Sharman Media

“She has a fine eye capable of recognising her clients' needs to turn them into success stories”

Elena has just finalised a copy project that I would classify as excellent. From the first moment we started our communication I knew she had a special chemistry and a fine eye capable of recognising her clients’ needs to turn them into success stories. It has been a great luck to find her and a real pleasure to have her write our copy. The work she has done for our business has been notably beneficial. Highly recommended if you are thinking of hiring a professional in this field.

Rosa Lara, CEO, Just-explore

"30% more leads"

I was quite sceptical about this copywriting thing, but then Elena explained how she’d first do a thorough research to then highlight the unique value of our service. After only a few days of uploading her copy, we’ve seen a 30% increase in leads. Now I believe in the power of copywriting done right.

Gabriele Caputo, solarstucco.co.uk

"Since I uploaded Elena's copy twice as many people contact me through my website"

Many customers have told me they chose my business because of the web copy. I’m so glad I found Elena, since we uploaded her copy twice as many people contact me through my website.

Santiago Peña, easyspanishforyou.com

“Elena's copy is top quality and always meet our objectives”

We work with Elena to localize web copy and articles. She also creates original copy for specific campaigns for the Spanish market (emails, banners, landing pages). Her copy is top quality and always meet our objectives. It’s a great relief to work with such a professional freelancer. 

Jurino Figaroa, Marketing Manager, Benelux & Spain, Iron Mountain

"Apart from writing the copy for my website, she gave me great SEO tips"

I hired Elena to write the web copy for my tourism business in Spanish and English. The communication was excellent, she’d sent me a provisional calendar and finished everything earlier despite having a lot of work. In addition to her copywriting work, she gave me several SEO tips to help me be found on google searches. I’m already seeing the results, more people visit my website and convert. 

Séverine Baud, tourf.com.ar

"Elena is very professional, flexible and open-minded"

I highly recommend Elena for her excellent work. She is very professional, flexible, and open-minded. She is eager to understand and think with her clients. I am very happy with her advice and the copy she wrote for my web. I would hire her again in the future for other projects.

Zeyda Broers, Owner of The School of Joy

"Professionals like her are hard to find these days"

Elena is a very talented and hardworking copywriter. She helped me write a landing page and an email sequence and I was impressed by the results.I truly recommend working with her! Professionals like her are hard to find these days.

Claudia Suhov, Owner at Kidster Agency

"What a relief it is to have the same professional mastering both languages so well"

Elena helps me write content in English and Spanish for clients. When I started working with her I realised what a relief it is to have the same professional mastering both languages so well; the versatility she offers is tremendous. Besides, she has European punctuality (not Spanish, which I appreciate a lot) and it’s obvious that before writing she does a thorough research. Very recommendable.

Joan Marco, Tourism Copywriter


You are unique in this world and so is your business.

Together we’ll find out what makes you special and we’ll communicate it with clear, compelling and original copy.

No more zombie copy

Do you want copy that not only increases your sales but also converts your customers into fans of everything you offer?

Do you need someone to advise you on how to structure your website, on the design, calls to action, etc. to increase conversion?

(The copy can be amazing, but if the design gets in the way people aren’t going to read it or click on the buy button).

Maybe what you need is a powerful email sequence that helps you sell that course, service or product you want to launch.

Then we are meant for each other!

Let’s get you all those clicks

Why could I be the copywriter you were looking for


80% of my clients work with me again. They consider me a valuable partner for their business.


I don’t believe in creativity without results. If you win, I win. That’s why I spend lots of time researching and studying before I write a word.


I’ve lived in 4 countries and speak 5 languages which wides the pool of resources I can draw from.


Because I write in international English I can be the missing link you need to expand your business beyond your borders.


I’ve built up a trusted network over the years. In case you need help with other stuff.


I’m very good at listening. I often come up with new ideas that transcend the copy.