The World is International

A large part of your prospects doesn’t speak native English.
Germans, French, Italians, Spanish, Dutch, many of them do their searches in English, especially when they are travelling or living in a foreign country, or when they want to perform a wider search.
This is great news for your business.
Because now you can sell to anyone, whatever their nationality might be, without having to translate your website into a lot of different languages.
But a problem that I see very often is that websites and emails are written only for native English. They use slang, difficult words, local jokes, idiomatic expressions, etc. that most of the non-native just don’t get and therefore don’t feel related to.

Something else I notice too often is that many websites and emails are translated word by word from the local language into English, but in the process, the translated message loses completely its power of conviction.
And you know this as well as anyone… If you fail to convince prospects why they should choose your product or service, they will go to the competition.
Your website needs to show your international prospects why your company is what they were looking for. And this is only possible if you spread a compelling message that the native and the non-native English understand and relate to.

"Customers feel they can trust me"
"Customers feel they can trust me"

There’s a lot of people out there doing the same I do. Many customers have told me they chose my business because they felt they could trust me. Just by reading the copy. I’m so glad I found Elena. Since we uploaded her copy twice as many people contact me through my website.

Santiago Peña, online education,

"Elena is eager to understand and think with her clients"
"Elena is eager to understand and think with her clients"

I highly recommend Elena for her excellent work. She is very professional, flexible, and open-minded. She is eager to understand and think with her clients. I am very happy with her advice and the work she delivered and I would hire her again in the future for other projects.

Zeyda Broers, Owner of The School of Joy,

Talk to your prospects in the English they understand

Using simple and compelling English to convince them that your product or service is what they really need.

But for that you need to take a different perspective and get into the prospect’s skin to know exactly what they are feeling.

Selling is convincing, and we only convince with skilled argumentation.


An international copywriter knows how to find those good reasons international customers need to buy from you.

“Her copy is top quality”
“Her copy is top quality”

We work with Elena to localize web copy and articles. She also creates original copy for specific campaigns for the Spanish market (emails, banners, landing pages). Her copy is top quality and always meet our objectives. It's a great relief to work with such a professional freelancer. Besides, Elena is a really nice person, it's just easy to work with her!

Jurino Figaroa, Marketing Manager, Benelux & Spain, Iron Mountain,

“She has a fine eye capable of recognising her clients' needs to turn them into success stories”
“She has a fine eye capable of recognising her clients' needs to turn them into success stories”

Elena has just finalised a copy project that I would classify as excellent. From the first moment we started our communication I knew she had a special chemistry and a fine eye capable of recognising her clients' needs to turn them into success stories. It has been a great luck to find her and a real pleasure to have her write our copy. The work she has done for our business has been, and will continue to be, notably beneficial. Highly recommended if you are thinking of hiring a professional in this field.

Rosa Lara, CEO,

Turn your website into the best salesman

able to convince your prospects that your product or service is the best option. I can be your saleswoman and help you selling in writing.

With original web copy that connects with your target audience and help them click the buy button.

Have you ever been reading something and felt that the writer was talking about you?

It feels like magic but it's not.

It's the result of a lot of research and experience writing huge amounts of copy.

Turn your website into the best salesman

Attract more international organic traffic

There's no magic trick, your business will only get more organic traffic if you publish a lot of content, period. But content worth reading!

If you want to attract more international customers, you should have a blog that offers useful and original content in clear and simple international English, without complicated words or jargon.

Because Google is no longer fooled by just keywords with nothing behind.

Your content has to leave a trace in your prospect’s mind.

Attract more international organic traffic

Sell more by email

Someone who has given you her email address is easier to convince.

Because it means she already likes you a little bit...

Now it's a matter of writing the kind of emails that will reassure her of not having made a mistake when providing you with her email.

Emails that will bring her closer to your brand until she becomes a big fan of absolutely everything you offer.

Sell more by email
"30% more leads"
"30% more leads"

I must admit that at first I was quite cynical about this copywriting thing, but then Elena explained how she would first do some market research and then highlight the unique value of our service in order to stand out from our competitors. After only a few days of uploading her copy, we’ve a 30% increase in leads. Now I believe in the power of copywriting done right.

Gabriele Caputo, Director,

Let’s start making serious sales

The sooner, the better