The World is International

Do you want to sell more to international customers?
Opportunities in the international market are endless, in your country, with tourists and Expats, as well as abroad, since you can sell online to anyone in the world.
You know that your product or service is great, and you don’t want to content yourself offering it only to national customers. Why should you?
You should not only aspire to sell more, but also to have better customers.
English is the most widely used language on the Internet, accounting for 25% of all users in the world (Source Internet World Stats).
This means that if your website is in English and in your local language you can reach more than 2 billion people in the world.
Moreover, 55% of the most visited websites worldwide are in English.
A large part of Internet users doesn’t speak native English, meaning that these people may come from any other country but use English on the Internet.
Germans, Swedes, Japanese, many of them do their searches in English, especially when they are in a foreign country.
This is great news for your business.
Because now you can sell to anyone, whatever their nationality might be, using a powerful message in the universal language, English.
But often, the English written by a native person is not the same English Expats and tourists use.
If you want to reach more customers and not only native English, you should use a more simple and compelling English.
Translating your website or social media posts is not enough for the message to be convincing.
If you want to persuade prospects that what is before their eyes is worthwhile, you need to know inside out the profile of the international customer.

Can you imagine having a website that is a real magnet for international customers?

A powerful website, able to convince every person who lands on it that your product or service is what they need.
A website that answers all their questions and objections and sells on its own, without you having to intervene each time.
There is a way to sell more to international customers and it’s within your reach.
You only have to use the secret weapon many big companies already use.
And the best of all is that you don’t need to be Apple or Coca-Cola to use it!

Copywriting: The secret weapon of successful businesses

Copywriting speaks the same language of your customer.
And I’m not just talking about the English language, I’m talking about using the right words that empathize with prospects until they are convinced that your product or service is what they really need.
Selling is convincing, and we only convince with skilled argumentation.
Maybe you can’t afford to have a sales team selling for you, but you can have a website that sells like the best salesperson.
I’m not going to tell you that it’s always easy to find those reasons to buy.
You need to take a different perspective and get into the prospect’s skin to know exactly what they are feeling.
A good copywriter knows how to find those good reasons customers need to buy from you.


Hey, there, I’m Elena de Francisco, international copywriter.


I help companies and professionals to take off and sell more to international customers.


To achieve this I write persuasive texts in International English which clearly convey the benefits of a product or service, so to convince the right audience.

You are unique in the world, and so is your business.
I can help you increase your sales with the right words that describe the uniqueness of your business and stimulate the desire to buy from the person who lands on your website.
I know how to express that uniqueness in the universal language, English, so that everyone understands it, and you can sell more to international customers.

I believe in people and in the power of the human being to create great things.


Born and raised in Madrid, I’ve spent half of my life travelling around the world. I lived in 4 different countries and worked for 8 years in an American multinational with clients and colleagues from more than 30 different nationalities.


If you want to know more about me and evaluate if I’m the person you were looking for, here below I tell you many things.

Turn your website into the best salesman

capable of convincing any prospect, wherever he or she may come from, how much he needs your product or service.

Attract more international organic traffic

With great and useful content written in international English, clear and simple, without using slang or jargon that only natives understand.

Sell more by email

Because a customer who has already purchased something from you is easier to convince to buy again. Inform them of all your offers with irresistible emails.

Trusted By

Santiago Peña
Santiago PeñaSpanish language teacher

"Elena is a very creative writer with a highly developed commercial mind. A short interview was enough for her to get the message I wanted to convey to my potential clients. I´m delighted with the results, twice as many people contact me through my website since Elena wrote the texts "

Gabriele Caputo
Gabriele CaputoOwner SolarStucco - Solar Energy

“I must admit that I was quite cynical about the whole Copywriting thing at the beginning, but then Elena explained how she would first do a market research and then highlight the unique value of our service in order to stand out from our competitors. We have seen very positive results after uploading her texts so I now believe in the power of good copywriting”

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