These are some of the projects I’ve worked on.

You will see that the tones of voice are very different.

I’m like an actress who can play the role of the bad guy’s lawyer but also that of a devoted nun.

I adapt my copy to your target audience and product or service so you get the best results.

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Together with the designers I work with, La Bola Ocho, we created a flyer for a Spanish language school.

We wanted to convey all the attractions of Menorca as the perfect destination for a Spanish immersion program.  


Elena de Francisco Portfolio Copywriter
Elena de Francisco Portfolio Copywriter


Atm audio makes sleek and powerful high end amplifiers.

They wanted to renew their copy and sound more human and a little less technical.

This was a big challenge for me since I didn’t know anything about amplifiers.

After doing a lot of research I managed to communicate their USP in a more seductive way.

When you know your audience are techies is ok to use tech terms but you still need to add some pizzazz to make the product sexier.


Iron Mountain is a US-based information management and data protection company.

I work closely with the marketing manager in Spain localising content such as articles, videos and product pages.

I also write copy from scratch for specific campaigns for the Spanish market, LinkedIn posts and the monthly newsletter.


Or&Zon sells bed spreads and linen sheets.

For them I came up with the slogan and wrote the product descriptions for the quilts and linen sheets.

It was a real challenge as other well-known brands offer the exact same products.

So I had to come up with copy that was not only original but that could also differentiate the products from the competition in terms of quality.

I used a little story many people could feel related: the temperature wars in bed.


Bianca Blue New York is a children’s wear brand. They work with Spanish artisanal seamstresses to create chic and elegant garments.

For them I created their tone of voice guidelines and the copy for their home page.


Scandit is a Swiss tech company offering mobile scanning software.

Their client portfolio includes well-known brands such as Levi’s, Sephora, Louis Vuitton and Nissan.

I’ve been working with them for more than 3 years now, localising emails, web copy and articles for the Spanish market.

As soon as I started working with them, the Spanish team saw a substantial improvement in email conversion.

I don’t just translate a message, I transform it and adapt it to the targeted market.

Sharman Media

Sharman Media is an advertising agency for the hospitality industry in The Netherlands.

I wrote the web copy and ran their blog for the first year, when they needed to increase brand awareness.

The blog was my idea, I conducted interviews with chefs and restaurant managers in The Hague, Delft and Leiden and it had an excellent reach.

This agency is now very popular in and around The Hague.


Solar Stucco is a British company that installs solar panels and batteries in homes and industrial spaces.

They hired me to write the copy for their new website.

In just a few weeks they managed to increase the number of leads by 30%.

With the new website and in just two years they have increased their customer base by 150%.


Happy Daily Coaching is a platform that offers online courses to find your dream job, to change careers or to start a business.

They needed an email sequence to launch their courses and hired me to write it.

The first email got a 46% open rate and then with the rest we achieved 35% open rate average and 5% conversion rate.


Just Explore is an exclusive travel agency specialising in Andalusia.

They hired me to write the copy for their website.

I focused on sensory messages that would help the reader imagine themselves enjoying a perfect holiday in Spain, without any friction or worries.

Just Explore works mainly with North American, Australian, British and Nordic clients.


Ina Messer is a Health and Lifestyle Coach based in The Hague who works with clients all over the world.

The copy I wrote for her website gave her excellent results.

She works with dozens of women every year, who contact her through her website thanks to the investment she made in my copy 4 years ago.