The art of salesmanship in writing

The era of door-to-door sales is long over. Because it just didn’t pay off.
Now we sell differently: with web content, through social media ads and with email marketing.
But there’s something that remains there, unchanged.
An artful salesperson sells with words, the same as a good piece of web copy or an email.
The difficulty now is that you cannot see the reaction of the person who is listening to you, but you have to picture it when you are writing copy.
You need to imagine how that person reacts with every word you use but also the objections that will pass through his mind and that are preventing him from hitting the buy button.
Here’s where a copywriter comes in.
But a real copywriter, someone who provides results, someone who studies as much as she can in her spare time, someone who works her ass off for every project, someone who will ask you hundreds of questions because she wants to know everything about your business and your customers.
Because that’s the only way I can write persuasive copy that sells.
Only this way I can clearly see the reactions on the reader’s face as I write.
And this comes with practice…

"Elena knew how to express the uniqueness of my business"
"Elena knew how to express the uniqueness of my business"

I hired Elena to write the copy for my new website. I wanted to express, without using too many words, the way in which the services I'm offering are unique in the Netherlands and how clients will see a difference after working with us. Elena knew how to express the uniqueness of my business so I'm really happy with the results. She also writes great posts for my blog, it's amazing how well she always finds something interesting to talk about and the ease with which she conducts an interview. I would certainly recommend her.
Dave Sharman, Owner of Sharman Media,

Good copywriting sells

Because it’s based on some specific techniques.
My copy delivers results because I do extensive research on your buyer persona’s profile and the market and then write compelling copy that touches your customers’ hearts and presents your solution as the best one available.
And also, because I have a constant stream of ideas coming into my head… And the majority of them WORK.

I’m an international copywriter and I can help you to boost your sales

I’ve got specific certifications as copywriter


I’ve been writing content for international audiences in English and Spanish for 5 years


I’ve worked as a copywriter with companies in Spain, UK, the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland, to name just a few


I’m an expert at localising in International English and Spanish. I don’t just translate, I turn the message into a powerful sales argument.

Your business can experience an international push with my copy

This is how I work:

I listen to you

We have a chat to talk about what you really want to achieve with your business, the goals you have set yourself and what kind of customers you want to have in order to achieve those goals. We talk about your voice and the type of message you want to transmit so that it is unique and in accordance with your values.


I carry out a research of the buyer persona and of your competition. This way I elaborate the unique value proposition of your product or service which will make you stand out above the rest. I gather information about what other businesses are doing well and not so well, so I’m able to convey to your ideal customers why your solution is what they are looking for.


I write texts aimed at that customer, who will not be able to stop reading, since they connect with his emotional side while counteracting all the objections that arise from the logical part of his brain. Throughout the text the client will be convinced that your solution is just what he needs.


I edit the copy taking in consideration your suggestions so you are fully satisfied. If you request a change that, according to my experience, I think will damage the results I will explain it to you. If you still want to make that change I will do it. The customer is always right, even when he is not 😊. I prepare the final copy formatted so your web site designer can easily upload it onto your website or create the email sequences.

Good copywriting works

And to prove it, I copy here this graph showing how the CTR (Click to Action ratio) increased on a site I worked with before and after publishing my texts:


Increase sales with copywriting

Many businesses today are losing countless opportunities because they forget the importance of words.


Stop losing money with bad copy that doesn’t sell.



Web Copy

from €350/per page

Blog Posts

from €65/500 words

Email Sequences

from €300/6 email-sequence
"Professionals like her are hard to find these days"
"Professionals like her are hard to find these days"

Elena is very talented and hardworking. She helped me writing some product presentations and I was impressed by the changes she did and the final result. I truly recommend working with her! Professionals like her are hard to find these days.

Claudia Suhov, Owner at Kidster Agency

"What a relief it is to have the same professional mastering both languages so well"
"What a relief it is to have the same professional mastering both languages so well"

I contacted Elena to help me write content for a client who was looking for the same post in Spanish and English. When I started working with her I realized what a relief it is to have the same professional mastering both languages so well; the versatility she offers is tremendous. Besides, she has European punctuality (not Spanish, which I appreciate a lot) and it's obvious that before writing she does a very intense research. Very recommendable.

Joan Marco, Tourism Copywriter,

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