The best kept secret of advertising

It’s the secret weapon of some businesses with which they incite a customer to perform an action, like clicking on the subscription or buy button.


Let me explain to you what direct response copywriting is with a very simple example. (I hope my boyfriend is not reading this😊).

Imagine that you want to go to Rome on holidays because your dream is to see the Sistine Chapel. But you know that your boyfriend doesn’t like art at all and hates queues.
To convince him you will list everything that Rome has to offer that you know he loves. La Roma football pitch, pizza, ice cream, the Colosseum.
You take away all his objections showing him the photos of the beautiful hotel room whose rates are reduced just on those dates. You tell him that the flight times are perfect and that your friends Joe and Jane went and both loved it.
And you convince him.
This is also Copywriting and you can use it to sell more to international customers through your website, blog and email marketing.

Good copywriting sells

Because it’s based on some specific techniques and there’s an exhaustive research behind it.
Take the example above, if you didn’t know your boyfriend very well and you weren’t sure about his preferences, you couldn’t convince him to go to Rome, could you?
Well, the same applies to your customers. You need to know what they need in order to convince them.
So, if you want to write texts which will encourage sales, you need to do a thorough research of your buyer persona and the market. Only then you will be able to write convincing texts that resonate with your customers and present your solution as the best one available.

I’m an international copywriter and I can help you boosting your sales

I’ve been an Expat in 3 different countries


I have specific qualifications on copywriting and SEO


I’ve been writing content for 4 years now


I’ve worked as a copywriter with companies in Spain, the UK, Germany, the Netherlands and Argentina


I’m a citizen of the World 😊


Your business can also experience an international push with my copy

This is how I work:

I listen to you

We have a chat to talk about what you really want to achieve with your business, the goals you have set yourself and what kind of customers you want to have in order to achieve those goals. We talk about your voice and the type of message you want to transmit so that it is unique and in accordance with your values.


I carry out a research of the buyer persona and of your competition. This way I elaborate the unique value proposition of your product or service which will make you stand out above the rest. I gather information about what other businesses are doing well and not so well, so I’m able to convey to your ideal customers why your solution is what they are looking for.


I write texts aimed at that customer, who will not be able to stop reading, since they connect with his emotional side while counteracting all the objections that arise from the logical part of his brain. Throughout the text the client will be convinced that your solution is just what he needs.


I edit the texts taking in consideration your suggestions so you are fully satisfied. I prepare the final texts formatted so you or your web site designer can easily upload them onto your website. If you work with WordPress I can also upload the posts for your blog directly myself

Good copywriting works

And to prove it, I copy here this graph showing how the CTR (Click to Action ratio) increased on a site I worked with before and after publishing my texts:


Increase sales with copywriting

A lot of online businesses spend money on a cool web design but they ignore the texts.

A nice and intuitive design with texts that sell are the winning combination


Stop reeling in your brains trying to figure out what you want to transmit with your business and leave it to me.



You want to know what my fees are before you consider working with me. Totally understandable. The problem is that it isn’t that easy to give you a quote without knowing first more about your project.


Copywriting, by nature, is a customised service. Therefore, my rates are custom as well. I need to get to know your project first in order to give you a fair quote.


I can only tell you that my prices are competitive and honest and that they are fair with regards of the quality of my work. I always do my best to adapt to a reasonable budget.


Make use of my free 30-minute consultation where we can discuss the details of your project.


Or fill out the form at the bottom of this page and get a free quote.


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Email marketing

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Are my services for you?

If you are a company or a professional who want to increase your sales attracting more international customers, then yes, they are for you

Why you’ll like working with me

I am an easy person who adapts quickly. I listen and I put myself in the other person’s shoes. I don’t fall behind on deadlines and I like to keep clients abreast of progress. I’m used to working with people from very different backgrounds and sectors.

How can we start working together?

Click on the button at the end of this page and answer the questions on the form. I will contact you as soon as possible to ask you any questions I may have and to send you a customised quote.

When can I have the work done?

It depends obviously on the volume and complexity of it. Also on the information about your ideal customers and about your business you would have given me at the start of the project.

I would need some of your time at the start in order to gather important information about your business you know better than anyone.

I will detail the project’s deadlines on the quote so we don’t have delays.

How the payment works?

Once you have accepted the quote you will do a bank transfer with the 50% of the total budget. Once I send you the final texts you will transfer the remaining amount.

Cancelation Terms

Once you have accepted the quote and transfer the 50% of the budget if you decide to cancel the project this amount will not be reimbursed.

If for whatever reason I decide to cancel the project I will reimburse the total amount paid.

Dave Sharman
Dave SharmanPhotographer and Owner of Sharman Media

I hired Elena to write the texts for my new website. I wanted to express, without using too many words, the way in which the services I am offering are unique in the Netherlands and how clients will see a difference after working with us. Elena knew how to express the uniqueness of my business so I'm really happy with the results. She also writes great posts for my blog, it's amazing how well she always finds something interesting to talk about and the ease with which she conducts an interview. I would certainly recommend her.

Joan Marco
Joan MarcoOwner of Joan Marco Copy Turístico

I contacted Elena to help me write content for a client who was looking for the same post in Spanish and English. When I started working with her I realized what a relief it is to have the same professional mastering both languages so well; the versatility she offers is tremendous. Besides, she has European punctuality (not Spanish, which I appreciate a lot) and it's obvious that before writing she does a very intense research. Very recommendable.

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