Write a sales-boosting landing page for your info product

Info products are in their heyday since they are an excellent way to generate passive income.

But let’s take it one step at a time.

What’s passive income?

Passive income are those transactions that are carried out without the seller having to actively intervene each time.

In other words, at this moment you could be preparing dinner for your family while passively selling your product.

And what’s an info product?

An info product is a digital product that aims to educate on a certain subject.

Info products are sold passively, meaning that, once you have the sales process in place, you can sell the same product numerous times to different people without having to intervene each time.

But don’t think that creating an info product just means spending a few hours working on it and then going to sleep watching your bank account grow.

You have to work hard, even if some internet gurus won’t tell you that.

Info products have many advantages, both for those who create them as well as for those who buy them.

For the creator, it’s a way to generate passive income without much investment.

Depending on whether your info product is an e-book, a webinar or an online course, you will need a different investment of time and money for digital tools and design.

Creating an e-book can be very cheap, you could even sell it in pdf format if you don’t want to invest too much.

But if you want a professional design, with quality images and an enticing cover, the investment can be higher.

In the end, content is what really matters.

If the content is great, because you explain really well that particular subject and your tips are easy to apply, people will be happy with their purchase, even if the design is not very nice.

Another advantage of creating info products is that, being able to sell them digitally, you don’t have to invest in stores or shipments, so the risk is almost zero.

The most important investment you will make will be in time.

Creating a good product, whether it’s an e-book or an online course, takes quite a lot of time and above all it requires a commitment to oneself.

In order not to fail in the attempt to create your info product, you should build a writing habit, to help you keep pace with your commitment.

So far we have seen some of the advantages for the seller, but, what are the advantages of info products for the buyer?

These are also a lot.

The diversity of subjects that we can learn nowadays online is unbelievable.

Practically everything you want to learn is available in a course, book or webinar.

Besides, info products are usually cheaper than attending a face-to-face course and we can also study at our own pace from home.

As you can see, there are only advantages.

The hard part is knowing how to sell them.

As part of my work as a copywriter, I created copy for info products that had been on the market for some time but didn’t sell well.

When I followed that particular course to gather information before writing the copy, I couldn’t believe that something so good would sell so badly.

But then, after reading the landing page where the creator tried to sell it, I wasn’t so surprised.

There are lots of people selling info products out there so you need to know how to differentiate yourself by highlighting your Unique Selling Proposition.

No matter what type of product you intend to sell, almost certainly there will already be a few in the market.

You need to write sure-fire copy for your landing page using the best direct response copywriting techniques.

Direct response copywriting aims to show, and not only tell, the great benefits of your product, clear up all your prospect’s objections and give them powerful reasons so that, after reading the copy, they have no alternative but to buy your product.

Let’s look at those direct response copywriting techniques to write an outstanding landing page.

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How to write a compelling landing page for an info product

There are several ways to sell an info product, such as with a sales funnel, a content marketing strategy or following Jeff Walker’s famous formula.

What they all have in common is a landing page where you address the prospects to in order to provide more selling arguments.

This landing page is the last step, where all your efforts creating the product and your strategy can either blow away or provide you with a steady passive income.

Before you start writing your landing page I’m going to ask you to first think and then answer this question.

Do you have a clear idea of who your ideal customer is?

I hope the answer is yes, because if you have already created an info product it means that you know your customer profile for which that info product is intended.

To write a landing page that gives results you need to know the desires, hopes, concerns, fears and dreams of your prospects inside out.

And in order to know all these feelings you have to deeply study your buyer persona.

Track comments on social media, send questionnaires to your current customers, talk to people, read books and articles, especially those same ones your prospect reads.

Take note of all this information and assimilate it in your head.

Now, and only now, it’s time to sit down and write an open letter to your ideal customer.

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The beginning of everything. The headline

If this sentence is not good enough your prospect won’t read the rest of the text, so it needs to be excellent.

This important sentence needs to grab your prospect’s full attention by appealing to one of those emotions we researched at the start.

Fear of being left behind, desire to succeed, fulfil a recurring dream, take a worry off his hands.

Think which of these emotions is the strongest and for which your product is intended.

Let’s see an example, imagine you want to sell an e-book with a revolutionary method to sleep better.

The headline has to appeal to the main concern of those people who can’t sleep.

“Learn to fall asleep without pills and get your life back.”

If you have done a good research on your buyer persona, you’ll know that when people don’t sleep they become irascible, they don’t have the energy to fulfil their daily commitments, etc.

For many people sleeping pills are not an option, because they feel groggy the next day, or simply, because they don’t want to take medicaments.

If you are a person who suffers from insomnia this headline will catch your attention and you will want to continue reading.

Writing a good headline takes time, don’t just hold on the first sentence that comes to mind. Write at least 10 headlines.

The next day, read them again and discard the worst 5.

And the day after, keep only 3.

Ask other people (even better if they have your ideal customer’s profile) to tell you which of those 3 they prefer and use the most voted, but don’t discard the others.

You can use the others to elaborate more ideas in the lead but also to perform A/B tests.

Sometimes changing just a couple of words in a headline can radically change the results.

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The lead

Once we have the attention of the person who reads we need them to agree with us.

When a person agrees with what you’re saying they are more likely to listen to you.

Introduce in your copy some easy concepts or ask a question that you know the prospect can only answer yes to.

Let’s see as an example the previous case of the book with techniques to sleep better.

As an introduction here we could add the following question:

“Are you losing quality of life because you don’t sleep well?”

We know the answer will be yes in 100% of the cases, because if the person has continued reading after the headline it’s because he has sleep issues.

In the lead the prospect should feel that we know what he’s going through.

You have to be very careful in choosing those issues that you know for sure the prospect is experiencing and wants to solve.

Use a conversational tone, so the prospect feels he’s talking to a friend.

Your purpose should be getting the prospect to nod while reading the copy, since you’re almost perfectly describing how he feels and what kind of problems he is experiencing.

As you write you need to be alert to those moments when objections may arise.

The following happens to all of us: when we are reading a piece of sales copy there comes a time when we begin to doubt everything.

Either because it sounds too incredible or because they have tried to sell us a similar product before and it was a disappointment.

That’s why you have to clear up any doubts that might arise throughout the text with sentences like this:

“I’m sure you’ve seen other books with sleeping techniques before, but they’ve never consisted of a proven program with 80% success”.

“It seems incredible but the truth is that there are proven techniques to sleep without having to resort to pills.”

It’s normal for our prospect to have doubts, the Internet is full of people trying to sell us something.

But if you know your ideal customer very well, you will know how to clear up those doubts.

“I know it sounds incredible, I couldn’t believe it either until I tried it myself…”

“I understand why you doubt, I did as well, but after 15 days the results began to be obvious ….”

Introduce the reasons why your product is unique and a real deal without sounding exaggerated and using an informal tone.

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Show, and not just tell, the benefits of your info product

Many landing pages don’t sell because they only list the features of a product without adding the benefits those features provide to the customer.

What you have to do is to explain 3 main reasons why your product is the solution to your prospect’s problems, which you mentioned previously in the lead.

Demonstrate those benefits by being very specific. Help your prospect to picture himself already enjoying those advantages.

This is a feature:

“10 easy to apply techniques to fall sleep with 80% of success”.

This is a benefit:

“After 4 weeks following these techniques you will feel more relaxed and will have no trouble falling asleep. Guaranteed”.

It is important to add at least 3 or 5 features with their associated benefits (for some reason odd listings work better than even).

Never add a feature of your product without its associated benefit.

Think of benefits and features as one of those couples that never go anywhere without each other.

Now is the time to add more technical details to give more credibility to your words.

Conversion copywriter contact

The technical part

After reading all those benefits your prospect might be doubting.

“How come a book can be the solution to my problem?”

Don’t leave that question in the air, because if you don’t answer it your prospect won’t believe anything you say and will leave to watch videos with cute cats or read depressing news in the papers.

It’s time to give your words more credibility.

As I explained in this post, the emotional part of the brain is the one that takes most of our decisions, including the decision of buying something.

However, if you want to convince your prospect to buy, you need to talk to the rational part of the brain as well.

Now is the time to introduce facts, studies, statistics, certificates, etc., anything that endows your product and yourself with veracity.

“You may wonder how is it possible for a single book to contain the best techniques for falling asleep. This book is the result of X years of study and research…”

“The following graphic describes the typical sleeping stages, in red you will see those in which you are most likely to wake up…”

At this point in the copy, your prospect wants to believe that your book can solve his problem but he is afraid that you will deceive him and so he becomes defensive.

Adding more technical and specific data will help your prospect to believe your product is the solution he’s been looking for.

But be careful!

When writing your draft you need to be alert and identify when you might be losing the reader’s attention.

If you add too many technical details you will confuse and bore the reader.

Make sure that from time to time you bring him closer again by appealing to his emotions.

This important concept in terms of copywriting is called the golden thread.

Image M W from Pixabay

Imagine your prospect is the needle and you pass a golden thread through it.  The copy is the fabric.

Whenever you feel that the needle is too far away from the fabric you should insert it again by giving a new puncture.

The prospect needs to be tightly sewn to the copy with this golden thread.

You give a new twinge when you appeal to that emotion you want the reader to feel.

In our example, the main emotion is wanting to have a quality life by sleeping enough hours.

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Adding more credibility with testimonials

People need to hear from others that something has great value.

If we only hear it from the person who is selling it to us we won’t believe it as much as if we hear it from other people who have tried it before.

These testimonials are very important and should not be missing from your landing page.

I know what you think, it’s difficult to have testimonials when you have just finished creating your product.

In this case, you can offer it to a Beta group first, people who can have it for free or buy it at a reduced price and write some testimonials.

This is also a good way to get feedback to improve some aspects of your product.

To obtain remarkable testimonials you can send customers a short questionnaire with questions such as:

“What was the before and after you bought my product?”

“What objections did you have before you bought it and why did you finally decide to do so?”

“What kind of people would you advise to buy it?”

These questions will help your customers to better describe their experience and you will be able to create testimonials that resolve objections and clear up doubts.

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Your ace up the sleeve. Curiosity

One of the most powerful emotions people buy for is curiosity.

Deep down, we all like gossip.

Now, jokes aside, curiosity is a sign of intelligence.

Or so my father used to say when someone called my sister’s attention for asking too many questions.

I was very shy then, and besides, my sister was already there to ask the questions I had in my head.

When selling info products you already have on your side the element of curiosity, since the reader won’t know those techniques that will help him fall asleep until he buys your e-book.

Play with that ace up your sleeve by advancing some details the reader didn’t know in order to build up his curiosity.

“Did you know that there are some easy exercises that help relax the brain, muscles and nerves?”

For example.

I explain further how to add curiosity and how to use bullet points in this post.

Introduce the price highlighting the huge value of your info product

This is one of the most difficult parts of writing a landing page.

It’s the moment when the prospect will decide whether the value of your product is even higher than the price for which you sell it.

We all have a hard time making a living and we don’t want to waste our money, we want to be sure that what we are paying is little compared to the value we are taking home.

Now is the moment to remind the prospect of the value of your product and make him believe that the price he’ll pay is nothing compared to all that he’ll get.

Summarise the benefits of your info product, but don’t just list them, use different words and highlight once again their value.

Repetition is key, but avoid using exactly the same words you used in the lead not to bore the reader.

Here you can also stand out from your competitors by highlighting everything your product has that others don’t.

Those 3 characteristics-benefits-couples are the essence of your info product.

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Add extras and summarise the offer

“For only X euros you get my e-book with 10 techniques of proven success, plus X extra, whose value is X euros, totally free…”

What is important here is that, once again, the prospect perceives that the value he’s getting is greater than the price he’s paying.

To finish, summarise your offer with all the extras. List everything he’ll get with the purchase and remind him again of the benefits.

In order to obtain better results, you can add urgency.

A special price only during a certain period or some free extras that he’ll also get if he buys before X days.

People react if they know they have limited time, adding urgency to your sale is giving that last push to those who are still doubting.

Adding money-back guarantees is a sure-fire way of convincing.

If your product is good the number of returns will be minimal and such a guarantee increases sales by a huge number since the risk for the customer is 0.

Remember, people are afraid of paying for something which is mediocre.

By offering them a money-back guarantee, the fear is dispelled.

Why do you think all well-known brands offer it?

If they lost money they wouldn’t, would they?


The main goal of your info product should be to help people in a concrete area, such as sleeping better or learning to play the guitar.

It should teach them something that can make those people’s lives better.

If you are confident your info product offers that help, then your landing page has to prove it and convince those people who don’t know you that they can trust you.

Selling is a matter of trust. It’s up to you to convey the trust your prospects need.

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