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Alice in COPYland

Of all the professionals who write compelling texts in COPYland, why should you hire an expat copywriter?

It’s been a year since I created my website, took the leap into copywriting and started helping entrepreneurs by writing compelling texts.

However, it hasn’t been that long since I realized the importance of a specific characteristic that distinguishes me from other colleagues.

I’m an expat copywriter.

Therefore, it isn’t that surprising that I am publishing this post on the blog of my dear colleague, the Expat Copywriter.

I came here to celebrate my first twelve months of being in COPYland and to answer the following question: why should you hire an expat copywriter?

In order to answer this question, I will make some references to a famous twelve chapters’ story: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Shall I start? Let’s go!

1. Being an expat means being an adventurer.

“Every adventure requires a first step.”

The expat copywriters don’t only write texts about adventures. We live adventures.


Therefore, we know that each adventure requires a first step. The first step marks a BEFORE and an AFTER in your life, work or business. It’s a turning point and it starts with a Decision (yes, a decision with a capital D).

  • In the case of Alice, the adventure in Wonderland begins when she decides to follow her instinct, get away from boredom and pursue the White Rabbit.
  • In Elena’s case, the adventure of being an expatriate and knowmad began when she savoured life outside Spain for the first time. On the other hand, her adventure of being The Expat Copywriter started with a first training she followed on copywriting. The training allowed her to move towards her goal: to make a living as a copywriter.
  • In your case, the first step towards the adventure was a decision to become an entrepreneur and start your own small business. Or was your decision of becoming a freelance professional a way to enjoy more time with your children and work from home?

However, it isn’t always easy to say YES to entrepreneurship (neither to the freelance adventures ). You might still have some doubts. You might be wondering if it was worth taking the first step. Finally, you might be comparing what you lost and what you gained by making your Decision.

Elena and I both understand you. We faced the same doubts a few years ago. And we learned that an important aspect of every adventure lies in overcoming the doubts.

Another lesson we learned is that, if you don’t leave your comfort zone, you won’t get to know the world.

If you don’t decide to accept the risk, you will not have your business.

And if you don’t dare to take the first step towards the adventure, you will never discover the COPYland.

2. The Internet is a rabbit hole, and we know it.

“Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?”


Nowadays, most entrepreneurs have websites, manage fan pages and groups on social media and publish or broadcast videos.

You also use these channels to share the values of your brand, to get attention from your audience and to capture leads.

Am I right?

However, you may feel disoriented among so many tasks, information and challenges.

Inbound Marketing or Outbound Marketing?

What is better, to delegate or to do it myself?


Facebook Ads or LinkedIn Ads?

Should I invest in web design or in the content?

What comes first, textual contents or visual contents?

What is more, the Internet is a rapidly changing environment. It means that, if your business is on the Internet, you will always be accompanied by a White Rabbit. It’s the rabbit that carries the pocket watch, worried about being constantly late. The one that appears in the story of Alice in Wonderland.

Due to these reasons, being on the Internet sometimes seems as falling “down the rabbit hole”.

But don’t worry, it’s possible to “get out of the rabbit hole”. The first step is to recognize that you have fallen, that you have become disoriented. The second one, to climb inch by inch, until you finally reach the ground.

However, if you decide to stay in a digital environment, you should know that something really magical waits for you there.

Even if, at the moment, you find yourself alone in a room of locked doors, you are about to discover the COPYland.

If you need help to reach the COPYland, the expat copywriters will give you a hand. Do you know why? Because, in order to unlock the majority of the doors, there is no need to take any key. You should only have a pencil in your hand.

3. Persuasion has no borders

“This is impossible. Only if you think it is.”


Once in the COPYland, you will discover the world of copywriting. You will also realize that, in order to sell or provide your services on the Internet, in order to continue with your small business and to be successful, you must persuade. Finally, you will recognize that you need some quality compelling texts.

The next thing you will become aware of is that the COPYland is populated by so many copywriters. Some of us are specialized in personal development, others in tourism, the rest in other sectors.

But in spite of different specializations, all copywriters have something in common.

  • We know that your readers are like the Cheshire Cat. This very moment they may be with you, but the next one they will disappear, leaving you to stare at their smile. It’s very difficult to catch their attention. If you don’t know well your public, if you aren’t sure what kind of content you should offer them, the readers disappear in a moment.
  • We understand that the Queen of Hearts is your potential client. Therefore, our objective is to change her mind. At the end of the story, she should decide not to chop your head”. How do we accomplish that? Writing the texts that will steal her heart.
  • We are aware of who the real Alice is. In our texts, the only hero or the only heroine is you. Without you, there is no storytelling. On the other hand, if you hire us to write your texts, we promise that the only Alice in your ECOland, ENOland or GASTROland will be your client.

However, of all the copywriters who dedicate ourselves to helping freelancers, entrepreneurs and other adventurers, only the expat copywriters have the following advantage.

We know the CHALLENGES you might face.

The expat copywriters work in countries that are not our homelands. We have our small businesses abroad, we write texts in different languages and our mission is to show that the international businesses are not outsiders in our new countries.

For example, Elena is a Spaniard who lives in the Netherlands, while I moved to Spain from Serbia eight years ago.

Therefore, both of us understand which CHALLENGES businesses that are not afraid to cross national borders face. We both know that sometimes it’s difficult to adapt and that often national borders are not the only limits to make business.

That is why the expat copywriters can, want and know how to help all those big and small businesses that are in the phase of international expansion.

We don’t limit ourselves to writing texts. Our job is to create connections between those who come from THERE and these who could welcome them HERE.

Do you still wonder why you should hire an expat copywriter?

“But my darling, this is not Wonderland and you’re not Alice.”

At the very end, I recognize that it’s necessary more than twelve months to go by for a COPYadventure like Elena’s or mine to become a success case. That is why my story doesn’t end here.

On the contrary, the story continues through new projects, new collaborations and new potential clients with whom I would like to work.

Are you one of them?

If you think so, I will only ask you this:

“Would you like an adventure now, or shall we have our tea first?”

Sobre Elena de Francisco

Siento un placer inmensurable aplastando textos zombis que no dan resultados y transformándolos en textos llenos de vida que provocan muchas ventas.

About Elena de Francisco

I find real pleasure in crushing zombie copy that doesn’t provoke any emotion and turning it into vivid words that convert prospects into smiley paying customers.


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