To write or not to write a blog

This dilemma is almost as relevant as that of Hamlet, To be or not to be.

Surely if you have a business and an online presence you have asked yourself this question several times already.

Should I have a blog? Should I invest time and money in writing a blog?

What kind of benefit my business will obtain from it?

In this post, we are going to answer all these questions.

But don’t ask me to answer Hamlet’s question. It’s too philosophical for this time of the day (I write my posts first thing in the morning).

You may have noticed that many businesses which, in principle, have nothing to do with educational content, or that at first glance you might think they don’t have much to say, and yet they have a blog.

But they don’t just have a blog, they also publish periodically and share a lot of valuable information.

There’s a lot of work behind a blog: research, writing, editing and layout.

This means an investment in time and money.

Why do they do it?

There are several reasons that explain why so many businesses of different sorts decide to invest on a blog as part of their Content Marketing Strategy.

But, what’s content marketing?

It’s the ultimate way to advertise a brand and attract more customers by sharing informative and quality content.

Content can be videos, podcasts, photos, infographics or blog articles.

Today we’re going to focus on the strategy of writing a blog and see why (I’m sure you’ve already guessed my opinion) I, and most of the people who work in content marketing, bet on having a blog.

Are you staying?

Let’s then see those powerful reasons.

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A blog to attract organic traffic

As we saw earlier in previous posts, a greater volume of organic traffic will benefit us enormously, since the more visits to our website we receive, the more opportunities we have to sell our product or service, and the more authority we have in the eyes of Google.

When a person does a search on the Internet, they use a few words.

Google uses these words to search the web for the pages where these keywords are found (exactly the same or some other related) and above all, which are the pages that contain the best information on that specific subject.

Therefore, the more content (posts) our blog has, the more likely it is that Google will find us and choose to place our website in the first search results.

This is a crucial reason to have a blog, because, remember, Google uses words rather than images to find results.

But as we saw in my article on how to increase organic traffic to your site, it’s no longer enough to repeat many times the keywords for which we want to rank in searches on a blog post, instead the content has to be really helpful.

It’s about writing blog posts full of valuable information for the person who is interested in your niche.

If the information is good, that person will stay longer on your page to read and this will earn you points in search engines, as well as increase the chances that the same person will return to your site the next time they look for more information about your niche.

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A blog to increase your mailing list

Having a blog with up-to-date and valuable content also increases the chances that people who land on it to read about a certain topic, will subscribe to your mailing list.

As we saw in this post email is still today one of the best tools to sell anything.

If you know how to write good emails that your audience opens and reads, you will get them to trust you and those same people will prefer to buy from you, since they already know you, rather than from any other brand they know nothing about.

And when we trust a brand we also recommend it to other people.

Having a prominent mailing list is one of the most valuable resources in marketing nowadays.

It’s having a list of people who are already closer to buying from you since they have given you their email address. They are one step ahead.

It’s a warm audience, as opposed to a cold one because they are already interested in what you offer.

So writing posts frequently will help you increase your list of subscribers which in turn will help you increase your sales.

Social networks help you increase the number of followers, however, people who follow you on Instagram or Twitter don’t always visit your website, so the traffic doesn’t really increase.

Social networks are a trend, some time ago it was Facebook, then it was Twitter and now it’s Instagram.

If you only have followers on social media and you don’t have their email addresses, you can easily lose them.

Because tomorrow they will come up with something else and nobody will be on Instagram anymore. So if you only had followers there, you can easily lose them.

Relationships by email can last longer.

By this I don’t mean that you shouldn’t be on social networks, these are important to make yourself known and build authority, but you should always try to redirect your followers to your website and nudge them to subscribe to your content.

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A blog to educate your potential customers

Many people may not know exactly what your product or service does.

Moreover, they may not even be aware that something like that exists.

They may not have realised its value or the benefits it can bring to their lives.

That’s when writing a blog can help you educate people about a certain topic they didn’t know about which could be the solution to their problems.

For example, there are many people who have heard of personal coaching but may not know exactly what it is.

If you are a coach and write a monthly or weekly blog with interesting topics on personal growth, such as what can be achieved with coaching, new techniques, success stories, etc. people who knew nothing about the subject will become interested and may realise that a coach is precisely what they need.

Another example, circular economy might be the solution to many of the huge problems of global warming and massive pollution with plastic waste.

However, many people still don’t know what this new type of economy is and what we could achieve if we all follow this model.

So if you’re a company that transforms waste into usable materials, or makes clothes from recycled waste, or furniture, or whatever, blogging about this kind of economy can help you raise awareness and help people find out more about this kind of super important practices for the planet.

And with it, you have more chances that they will choose your product among others that don’t participate in a sustainable economy.

A blog to build a relationship of trust

Today’s consumers can choose from millions of brands.

One of the most powerful reasons for choosing one brand over another is the trust that this brand generates in us.

Reading articles with useful information that helps consumers in their daily life and knowing who is behind a brand, are important factors that convince people to choose a company over others.

Writing a blog with valuable information will make people follow you and trust you.

There’s a conversation on a frequent basis, people value your knowledge on that particular subject, even your posts may entertain them as well as educate them.

It’s like getting to know a person little by little until we decide we trust her.

But to achieve this you need to be honest and don’t promise things you cannot achieve, neither you should exaggerate the benefits of your product.

People aren’t dumb and nowadays everyone is very well informed, so they won’t trust you if you try to sell them smoke.

A relationship of trust is achieved with time and by being generous in what we offer.

If we offer valuable content for free on our blog, when selling a book, a course or a coaching service, people will be much more inclined to buy it since they will think: “If the content you share for free is that good, your book/course/session has to be great.

This is how the human mind works.

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A blog to provide authority to your personal brand

This point is related to the previous one. It’s part of the relationship of trust that we build little by little with our audience.

When you frequently talk about a certain topic, do a lot of research before writing about it, generate value and people follow you, you might eventually become a referent in that niche.

When you get other professionals in your field to mention you in their posts, share your content and invite you to speak in their podcasts, you’ll know you’ve made it.

As you know, becoming a referent in your field is not going to happen overnight.

It’s constant work, with an investment of time and money.

It’s about studying a lot and writing helpful posts, as well as providing something different.

There will always be a brand or a person more popular than you and you may find it impossible to get there.

I know it’s hard sometimes, however, you don’t have to compete with that person, but rather to concentrate on how you can help your target audience and create valuable content.

If you offer value and are generous, you will eventually see the results.

It’s not constructive to compare yourself too often with others who have been doing this for longer than you or who have different goals than yours.

Follow your own path and always keep in mind the people you write for.

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A blog to increase your knowledge

Writing a blog and committing to publishing frequently will encourage you to read lots.

This way you will go deeper into such topics and will end up becoming an expert.

It’s a form of continuous learning that will allow you to keep abreast of everything new that comes out, as well as learning new concepts to better explain more complex ones.

The more you document yourself to write your articles, the more you will learn about the subject and the more confident you will feel when writing.

It will also help you in your daily work, as reading and studying so much about the topics you cover may also help you find ways to do your job more efficiently or serve your clients better.

Continuous learning keeps us curious about life, alert and well prepared for whatever comes, as well as helping us to become better every day.


I think I’ve given you enough reasons to write a blog.

I know it’s not a simple task, it takes a lot of time and a lot of energy and sometimes we don’t have either one or the other because we’re just snowed under by other gazillion things to do.

Creating a writing habit will help you to reach your goals, since, when we turn a task into a habit, we integrate it into our daily life becoming something as indispensable as brushing our teeth.

In this post I tell you tips to help you create a writing habit, in order to turn it into an easier task so having a blog doesn’t become a torture.

Before writing this post, I have documented myself very well by reading several books and doing an online course on this topic, with which I have learned a lot.

See you around!

To have or not to have a blog. 6 powerful facts to consider this important question. #ContentMarketing #DigitalMarketing #Copywriting #WebContent #SmallBiz Click To Tweet

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